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Welcome to Dragon Spit Salsa. Please check out our products below.

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Enjoy your stay!!

With an array of unique spices, this is a chunky tomato salsa made from fresh vegetables. It is always a welcome addition to traditional dishes like tacos, nachos and eggs but has been proven to be a great 

addition to many ingredient lists in not so traditional recipes. Because of it's rich flavor, Dragon Spit Picante Salsa is versatile and a great addition to all types of food from all types of cultures. (comes in mild, medium, hot and xtra hot)

Salsa Picante

Salsa Picante.PNG

Salsa Extreme is more of blended restaurant style salsa (not as chunky as the Salsa Picante). However, this salsa is not for the mild lovers. Loaded with Jalapenos, Habaneros Ghost Peppers as well as 

Carolina Reapers, it definitely packs a punch! But don't think that Salsa Extreme is just ground comes with a fantastic kick of wonderful flavors as well. It just takes a moment for the heat shows up!

Salsa Extreme

Salsa Verde.PNG

Not only used as an enchilada topper, Dragon Spit Salsa Verde is a great addition to all Mexican dishes. Using non-traditional seasonings, this green salsa stands alone and can spruce up any dish

Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde.png

needing a kick! Using only fresh vegetables, this type is definitely different than most brands of green salsa on the market. (comes in mild, medium, hot and xtra hot)


Our newest salsa, Corn and Bean, is loaded with yellow and white corn, black beans and has a hint of tomato base.  Loaded with flavor, this new concoction is sure to be hit with any dish. (comes in mild and hot)

Corn/Bean Salsa

Corn Bean.png
Mango Lychee.PNG

Fresh Mangos and Lychees (Asian Fruit) partnered with a light Pineapple make this a natural sweet, fresh and fruity salsa. Not only is 

Mango/Lychee Salsa

Mango Lychee.png

it great with any type of chips or crackers, but it goes very well with fish tacos, chicken dishes and anything cooked in a slow cooker. Heck, some just even eat it straight with a spoon from the jar! (comes in mild and spicy)

Made from Fresh Jalapenos; Dragon Candy is a spicy candied Jalapeno enriched with spices and lots of heat! 

Dragon Candy

Dragon Candy.PNG
Dragon Candy.png

Just a spoon full can go along way on your nachos, tacos or any dish needing a little sweet-heat. But, don't waste the juice! Add it to lemonade, ice tea or even a dab in your martini or margarita.


Dragon's Breath

Made with Fresh Jalapenos and Garlic Cloves, Dragon's Breath is Spicy Candied Garlic and Jalapenos concoction that will truly amaze any garlic lover! Like Dragon Candy, add it 

Dragons Breath.png

to anything needing that sweet-heat. Pairs very well with stir-fry's, salads or blended with some of it's juice to create a baste for your BBQ.

Not a traditional salsa, Dragon Spit Blueberry/Pear Dragon Spit Salsa introduces a new take of flavors for salsa lovers. Good on crackers, it also can be used on top of cream cheese. To take it a step

Blueberry Pear.PNG

Blueberry/Pear Salsa

Blueberry Pear.png

further, scoop it with graham crackers, giving you a similar taste to cheese cake with an attitude. You will definitely notice the quality of fresh fruits used.    (comes in mild and spicy)

A new, exciting, never before done....!!!

Loaded with peaches and Jackfruit, our new salsa comes with 

Peach/Jackfruit &
Ginger Salsa

quite a kick of fresh ginger! Recommended for Asian dishes as well as fish, this fresh/new salsa is sure to wake up your taste buds!  (comes in mild and spicy)

Mango Lychee.PNG


Cranberrry Salsa.PNG

Our Cranberry/Orange Dragon Spit Salsa is a seasonal and limited time concoction. With a hint of apples, this fruit salsa can

Cranberry/Orange Salsa

Cranberry Orange.png

be a good replacement during the holidays for anyone who serves cranberry sauce for their event dinners. Also, good on cream cheese, this salsa can be a nice addition to your party functions as non-traditional condiment.  (comes in mild and spicy)

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